West Fork Greenway

Next Leg of San Jacinto West Fork Greenway Now Hike- and Bikeable

The second leg of the Houston Parks Board’s San Jacinto River West Fork Greenway is taking shape nicely. Contractors have apparently finished concrete work and landscaping. It can now be hiked and biked.

Route of San Jacinto West Fork Greenway

The first leg of the three-mile route starts near the entrance to River Grove Park at the south end of Woodland Hills Drive in Kingwood. It used existing residential streets and new trails to snake its way to the Forest Cove Community Center. Then construction paused until demolition of the flooded townhomes on Aqua Vista, Timberline, and Marina Drives finished.

The second leg (dark purple below) follows existing streets through the old townhome site. However, contractors narrowed the streets to one lane. That accommodates bicycle and foot traffic, but limits most vehicle access.

Route of West Fork Greenway between River Grove Park and Edgewater Park.

The newest portion of the trail now extends from the Community Center to Hamblen Road via Timberline Pass, Timberline Drive, Aqua Vista and Burning Tree Court. The last street terminates at Hamblen, just west of the old Forest Cove Golf Course.

A final leg will extend west to Precinct 3’s Edgewater Park, paralleling Hamblen Road, but south of it (light purple).

Timing and Connections

Timing for the final leg has not yet been determined. Houston Parks Board eventually hopes to connect multiple waterways and adjacent hike and bike trail systems in the northern part of Harris County. 

For instance, this project will connect to the Spring Creek Greenway across the old US 59 pedestrian bridge. When complete, it will create one of the longest urban hike-and-bike trail networks in the United States.

Photos of Newest Leg of West Fork Greenway

The pictures below, taken on 1/3/23, show the state of the most recent construction.

Landscaping along new trail (formerly part of Aqua Vista Drive. The trail is half the width of the old street. It should accommodate both hikers and bikers.
Construction on Marina Drive and Timberline Pass. Forest Cove Community Center and Pool in upper left. Looking East.
Reverse angle. Looking south from over Forest Cove Pool.
Looking west from the former turnaround at the end of Aqua Vista.
Facing west at trail connecting old Forest Cove townhome complex with Burning Tree Court. The latter turns north (right) and terminates at Hamblen Road.

More News to Follow When Plans Become Clear

The Parks Board plans to use some of the areas in the old townhome complex for parking. The fate of other streets remains unclear. Likewise, Harris County Precinct 3 has not yet announced plans for the long-awaited Edgewater Park. Harris County Flood Control District which bought out the townhome properties said it plans only to let the area return to green space.

Edgewater Park and this trail were one of the first good things to come out of Harvey. I just hope I live long enough to see them finished! Eventually, they will make a tremendous community asset.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 1/6/23

1956 days after Hurricane Harvey