KMS demolition

Old KMS Down, But Not Yet Out

On the morning of 11/29/22, Humble ISD contractors finished demolishing the last walls of the old KMS (Kingwood Middle School). They were also draining a water tower on the property before taking that down. The next two steps: remove all the debris and start removing the foundation.

New athletic fields and a permanent larger detention pond will go where the old school was and frame the entrance of the new school.

Photo from Start of Demolition

Here’s what the extent of demolition looked like on 11/9/22.

Demolition of old Kingwood Middle School Begins

Pictures Taken at 9:30 A.M. on 11/29/22

For comparison, here’s what it looked like today. New KMS is in background; old KMS in foreground.

KMS today. Looking back E from SW corner of property.
Wide shot taken from the SE corner of the old KMS looking NW toward Woodland Hills Drive.
A parade of trucks hauls away the debris after recyclables such as steel are separated.
The giant claws pick girders from the rubble and stack them for separate removal.
Note the hole punctured in the school’s water tank.
Other steel parts will also be recycled.

Starting Year Three of Project

For photos showing the progress of KMS construction and demolition, see below.

Next Steps

The illustration below shows next steps. After removing the foundation of the old building (2A), contractors will excavate a larger, permanent detention basin to hold stormwater runoff from the property. The runoff will then be released at a slower rate to reduce the risk of overwhelming the neighborhood’s drainage system. That will reduce the risk of flooding.

stages of KMS construction
From Humble ISD Plans

The next step: rebuild the athletic fields (2B).

Check back frequently for updates.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/29/22

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