KMS demolition

Demolition of Old KMS Building About 75% Complete

Contractors have made great strides in the last week with the demolition of the old KMS (Kingwood Middle School) Building. As of last Saturday, a visual estimate put it at about 20-25% complete. I was shocked when I drove by there today. Demolition looked approximately 75% complete.

As any parent of any kid who has ever played with blocks or Legos knows, it takes much less time to destroy a structure than it does to build it. And the same holds true in the big leagues.

While it took two years to build the new KMS, the old one will come down in less than a month. I first noticed the start of demolition on Tuesday, November 8. By last Saturday, most of the southwest quadrant was gone. Today, virtually the whole west side is gone. And most of of the east side, too. This is an incredible ballet of men and machines.

Pictures Taken 11/18/22 Around 2:30 P.M.

Wide shot looking SE toward Cedar Knolls and Pine Terrace shows cleared area relative to remaining.
KMS demolition in progress. Closer shot looking in same direction shows extend of remaining work.
Reverse shot looking west towards Woodland Hills Drive over the remaining portion of KMS.
Wide shot showing virtually entire campus. Looking East.

After tearing down the building, contractors will still have to remove the foundation. But for now, that concrete is their insurance against getting bogged down in mud if it rains. Water is the enemy of construction … and of demolition.

Next steps after that. Humble ISD will have to build the athletic fields where there old school was and expand/finalize the detention pond.

To see this project from start to finish, check out photos in the posts below starting with land clearing two years ago this week.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/18/22

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