Controversial Laurel Springs RV Resort Apparently Under New Management

While doing a construction update on the trouble-plagued Laurel Springs RV Resort, I learned that the property may have changed hands. At a minimum, it seems to be under new management. Excel Commercial Real Estate, a company run by the original developers, does not list the property on its website. A web search shows that another company named Jetstream Communities is looking for a property manager and an assistant property manager for the same RV park at the same address (1355 Laurel Springs Lane). The assistant manager posting is dated September 7, 2022, just two weeks ago.

About Jetstream Communities

The original developers of the property list many of their projects as “build-to-sell.”

However, Jetstream Communities says it specializes in the development, acquisition, and management of RV properties. There seems to be some overlap there.

But it’s not clear at this point whether the property has been sold or whether the two companies have reached some kind of management agreement. Neither was available for comment over the weekend.

Project’s Troubled Past

The original developers insulated themselves from liability through a limited liability company and limited partnership. The property’s TCEQ permit still shows LS RV Resort LP as the primary operator/owner. However, that permit expires in three weeks.

Photo of TCEQ Permit taken at 7pm on 9/25/22 at job site shows original contractor (left) and owner (right).

Under the original management, the property ran into a lengthy litany of problems:

For the last two weeks, little progress has been made on the site at a time when it should have been nearing completion. Usually companies are eager to start making money from properties after cash-draining construction. But the extent of paving at the north end of the site has not changed in at least three weeks.

The pictures below show the status of the construction and some of the “amenities” it will offer.

Grass Strips

Grass strips between parking slots will be wide enough to unfold a lawn chair.

Looking NW across Laurel Springs Lane. Sidewalk is new in last two weeks.

The original developer claimed 66% impervious cover, but I sure would like to see the calculations. See below.

Photo taken from a legal height and enlarged. Note width of strips between parking spots.

I must admit that concrete is a definite step up from the gravel parking lots found in many RV resorts.

Built-In Vibration

Those who miss those vibrating beds in motels will have freight trains rolling by 24/7 and the hum of high tension wires to put themselves to sleep at night.

Note Union Pacific tracks and Centerpoint lines on left.

Recreation Area

After being cooped up in a motorhome for a thousand miles, your dog can really stretch its legs in that 90-foot run behind the comfort station.

Length of dog run/recreation area will equal width of four parking slots behind comfort station.
From permit plans. AS1.2 Partial Dimension Plan Zone 1. 3,555 square feet is 1/12th of an acre.

On-Site Entertainment

Who needs vistas in the distance when you can see those mysterious reappearing black spots in the detention pond up close?

Oily black spots keep reappearing but TCEQ could not determine source of contamination.

Pool with Steps

Swimming pool will feature steps and bat shape.

More news as it becomes available on the potential ownership change. None of the parties were available for comment over the weekend.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/25/22

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