Cypress Creek Major Maintenance Project along K-124

Batch 3 of Cypress Creek Major Maintenance Projects Ramping Up

Harris County Flood Control District has essentially completed the first two batches of major maintenance projects along Cypress Creek tributaries and is ramping up for the third, according to District spokesperson Karen Hastings.

Current Batch to Cost about $10.8 Million

Construction costs for Batch 3 should total about $10.8 million. Batch 3 includes 11 channels. The projects within them will span 5.8 miles.

Batches 1-3 include channels within the Cypress Creek watershed for which the Flood Control District already has property rights. They were previously developed and altered. They do not generally include natural channels.

Overview of three batches completed or started to date. From HCFCD presentation on Project CI-012.

Below is a general list of the types of maintenance needed on these channels. However, not every channel will need all the types of maintenance listed.

Desilting is the removal of sediment deposited in channels after multiple rain events. The sediment can restrict the conveyance of channels leading to flooding. See below.

Location of Batch 3 Projects

Location of first project in Batch 3 circled in red. See photos below.

Photos Taken September 12, 2022

Looking west across K-124 at southern end of project. Street is Bridgeview Lane.
Looking NW (upstream) across Bridgeview Lane.
Father up the channel, still looking NW, at the current limit of construction. Because of the proximity of homes, it would be difficult to widen this channel if that became necessary in the future.
Looking back toward SE from NW limit of construction several blocks up.

Altogether, projects such as this one will total almost 20 miles in Batches 1-3 alone. That should help reduce flood risk throughout the Cypress Creek watershed. Estimated completion for Batch 3 construction is Summer 2024.

12 Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tr
From HCFCD’s Active Construction Project page associated with Project CI-012, Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries.
Two More Batches to Follow

But the major maintenance won’t stop there. HCFCD expects at least two more batches. The District will separately design each and put each out for construction bidding. Batch 5 will include major maintenance at multiple sites along Cypress Creek itself. 

According to the March 2021 Flood Bond Update, HCFCD had allocated $60 million for all batches of Project CI-012.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/12/2022

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