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New Humble ISD Ag Barn Construction Complete

During Hurricane Harvey, the Humble ISD Ag Barn at Deer Ridge Park flooded badly. Shortly thereafter, the school board made a decision to move the ag barn facility to higher ground using money from the 2018 bond.

Old Ag Barn at Deer Ridge Park. Photo from Humble ISD.

Since then, the district purchased 7 acres of land at the intersection of Ford and Mills Branch Roads in late 2018, broke ground in 2020, and constructed several new buildings.

Photos of New Facility

The district originally targeted 2021 for opening the facility. But permit issues with the City of Houston delayed the target opening to 2022. Don Thompson, the contractor for the facility, tells me it is now complete. However, as of last Sunday, two dumpsters still remained in the parking lot. Here are several aerial pictures of the beautiful new facility taken on Sunday 9/4/22.

Looking south toward North Kingwood Forest
Looking SE
Looking NNW
Looking NNW over detention pond in foreground.

The day before I took these pictures, the area received 2.5 inches of rain. It looks like the detention pond did its job. It absorbed the water and then released it slowly toward White Oak Creek so as not to overwhelm the creek’s capacity and cause flooding downstream.

If all new construction retained its rain, we would all be a lot better off from a flood perspective. Thanks to the Humble ISD for a beautiful new ag barn, which hopefully should make both students, their parents and the animals safer from flooding.

The animals at the old ag barn had to be evacuated several times recently because of rising floodwaters.


Today is the statistical peak of hurricane season. We’ve dodged any hits so far this year, but there’s still a lot of weather yet to come.

peak of hurricane season

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/10/22

1838 Days since Hurricane Harvey