Rehak Talk at Lone Star College Kingwood

Public Invited: Rehak Talk at Lone Star College Kingwood, Friday 12:30 PM

This Friday, September 2, 2022, I will give a talk at Lone Star College Kingwood. It will summarize what I have learned since Hurricane Harvey about flooding and flood mitigation while researching more than 2000 articles. The title of the talk: How Far We’ve Come, What We Still Need to Do. And it will focus on the Lake Houston Area plus areas immediately upstream in Harris, Montgomery and Liberty Counties.

It begins at 12:30 pm in the Teaching Theater.


If you’re coming from Kingwood, take Kingwood Drive west until it dead ends at Sorters Road. Turn right. Go about 50 to 100 yards north, then turn into Student Parking Lot C on your left. Then walk across Sorters to the building marked 4 in the map below.

Talk will be in building circled in red.

Lonestar College Kingwood was one of the most heavily damaged facilities in the area. The college lost six of nine buildings, including the one where we will meet on Friday. Dr. Katherine Persson, president at the time, said in 2018 while cleanup was still in progress that she expected blackwater decontamination to cost $11 million and replacing contents to cost $19 million. With reconstruction, she estimated the total would come to $60 million. The parts of the campus I have seen since then have been beautifully restored.

Focus of Talk

The focus of my talk will be:

  • The mitigation objectives for the Lake Houston Area adopted after Harvey to help prevent a similar disaster in the future.
  • What we have accomplished since then.
  • What we still need to do.

I hope to provide a big picture for those who haven’t been able to read every day. Sometimes the volume of material in a subject this wide-ranging can be overwhelming.

It will be an excellent opportunity to ask any questions on your mind and get clarification. Please spread the word and bring a friend. Hope to see you Friday, 12:30 PM at Lone Star College Kingwood.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 8/30/2022

1827 Days since Hurricane Harvey