silty stormwater discharge

TCEQ Finds Nothing Wrong With Preserve At Woodridge Construction

A TCEQ investigation found nothing wrong with construction practices at the Preserve at Woodridge despite photographic evidence.

On April 23, 2022, I received multiple complaints about silty stormwater in Bens Branch. I confirmed discoloration in the water and followed it upstream. The source appeared to be the Preserve at Woodridge on Woodridge Parkway opposite the new St. Martha church. Photos confirmed that contractors were:

  • Pumping the contents of their silty detention pond into a tributary of Bens Branch.
  • Piling dirt on neighboring property.
  • Not using silt fence along their southern boundary.
  • Not posting permits.

I then filed a complaint with the TCEQ. They investigated on June 21, 2022, almost two months later. And found nothing wrong.

Today, August 3, 2022, I received this letter confirming they found nothing wrong.

Letter from TCEQ. For a high-res PDF, click here.

Caught on Camera

My complaint was based on these photos (among others).

silty stormwater discharge
Stormwater discharge into Bens Branch from Preserve at Woodridge Forest.
preserve at Woodridge
Note pile of sediment in front of hose (bottom center).
silt from Preserve at Woodridge
Silty stormwater had migrated more than two miles down Bens Branch past Tree Lane.

I guess there was nothing wrong. Message received, TCEQ.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 8/3/2022

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