Invest 94L

Chances of Formation Increase to 60% for Invest 94L


Overnight, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) increased the chances of tropical cyclone formation for Invest 94L to 60% in the next five days. Yesterday, NHC estimated 20%. “Invest” stands for Area of Investigation.

Reasons for Increased Chance of Formation

According to Harris County Meteorologist Jeff Lindner, “The tropical wave located over the far eastern Atlantic is fairly disorganized this morning with scattered areas of deep convection. The wave is moving westward and this motion will continue for the next 5-7 days.”

If you looked only at climate history for this time of year, says Lindner, you would not give this disturbance much of a chance to intensify into a tropical cyclone.

However, low wind shear, modest forward motion, and available moisture in the wave all support some degree of development in the next few days.

Storm Track Forecasts

Most models show development as the wave nears or reaches the eastern Caribbean Islands. European and Global forecast models tightly align with a track through the extreme southern Caribbean Sea. Meanwhile, the Canadian model shows the storm tracking farther north at a higher intensity.

Invest 94L

Virtually all models indicate similar tracks until the system reaches the central Caribbean Sea.

Lindner believes the southern track is most likely given the time of year. He also sees potential for intensification due to favorable atmospheric conditions along the path. The satellite photo below shows the current extent of the disturbance.

94L is in lower right.

The National Hurricane Center says, “A tropical depression could form during the early to middle part of next week while it moves westward at around 15 mph over the tropical Atlantic and approaches the Windward Islands.”

If you like viewing satellite images and animations from a wide variety of sources, I highly recommend the following sites:

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Posted by Bob Rehak on 6/24/22

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