West Lake Houston Parkway

19.7 Acres Cleared on West Lake Houston Parkway

Contractors have cleared two parcels of land totaling 19.7 acres on West Lake Houston Parkway between Upper Lake Drive and Kings Park Way. They are now installing drainage. The developer (High Street Residential) specializes in multi-family housing. A second developer familiar with project confirmed that High Street plans to build apartments.


The map below shows the location of the two parcels on West Lake Houston Parkway. They are approximately halfway between the West Fork at the top of the frame and FM1960 at the bottom.

From HCAD.org.

Aerial Photos Taken 5/20/22

Looking north across the two parcels. West Lake Houston Parkway is on left.
Looking south from intersection of West Lake Houston Parkway and Upper Lake Drive.

The contractor appears to run a clean operation. They maintain the entrances well. And they keep adjacent streets clean. Silt fences surround the work area. So far, so good.

Parent Company, High Street Residential, Specializes in Multifamily

A sign at the entrance to the property says “High Street Residential.”

The company’s website says, “High Street Residential, a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Trammell Crow Company, specializes in the development of multifamily housing.”

Elsewhere it says, “Renting is becoming the norm for the Millennial generation, many of whom do not own cars and view home ownership as less desirable as they seek flexibility for job changes. At the same time, empty nesters are looking to downsize to a maintenance-free lifestyle …”

High Street’s Facebook page shows a long stream of high-end apartment complexes.

The nationwide firm has more than 10,000 units in process or in the pipeline totaling more than $2 billion.

Operating Company is Kingwood Residences HTX LLC

Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) identities the owner. The parcels belong to KINGWOOD RESIDENCES HTX LLC. That company was incorporated in Delaware last July and in Texas last August. Developers often form operating companies for each of their projects.

The local address for KINGWOOD RESIDENCES HTX LLC is 2800 POST OAK BLVD STE 400, HOUSTON TX 77056-6169. But the parent has offices at 2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75201.

The uncleared area south of these properties and north of the CVS on Lake Houston Parkway is still owned by Pinehurst Trail Holdings LLC according to HCAD.

The holding company sold the two cleared parcels to Kingwood Residences last year.

From HCAD.

The uncleared property has an address on Kings River Commercial Drive immediately south of the cleared property.

From HCAD.org. Pinehurst property on right.

Close examination of the aerial photos above reveals that contractors appear to be installing drainage for Kings River Commercial Drive already. Could more shopping or offices be in the near future?

The minutes from Harris County MUD #151 last August show that Kingwood Residences HTX LLC requested a transfer of capacity from Pinehurst Trail Holdings LLC, in the amount of 139 equivalent single-family connections. The connections are for water and wastewater capacity.

This does not necessarily mean the apartments will have 139 units. An adjustment factor applies, hence the word “equivalent.”

Specific Plans Not Yet Obtained

It’s not clear from photos where the site’s stormwater detention basin will go. However, Harris County specifies a minimum detention rate of .65 acre feet per acre for sites this large. Check back often. As more information and plans become available, I will provide updates.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/21/22

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