New Halls bayou detention pond

New Halls Bayou Detention Pond Rapidly Nearing Completion

Along Halls Bayou, HCFCD is constructing a large stormwater detention basin and making channel conveyance improvements as part of Bond Project C-25. The detention basin will reduce the risk of flooding by taking in excess stormwater during heavy rain events and then releasing it slowly back to the channel when the threat of flooding has passed.

I first covered this project six months ago when construction began. It’s come a long way since then.

Photos of Detention Basin Taken Saturday 3/5/22

Looking S across Isom Street toward Halls Bayou at far end of detention pond. Photo Taken 3/5/22.
Reverse shot. Looking N from over Halls Bayou. Photo taken 3/5/22.
At the south end of the detention basin, before Halls Bayou comes out of its banks, water will pour over the wide concrete spillway and fill up the pond. As the level of water in Halls falls, water will go back into the bayou through the twin culverts.

Projected Completion Dates

HCFCD expects to complete construction of the stormwater detention basin during spring 2022 and channel conveyance improvements during fall 2022.

The $6 million stormwater detention basin project (P518-11-00) will provide regional mitigation benefits and also mitigate increased stormwater coming from drainage improvements in the Western Homes subdivision along Aldine Mail Route Road.

The basin will hold 180 acre-feet, or nearly 58.7 million gallons, of stormwater that might otherwise flood homes and businesses. It will be a wet-bottom basin with a vegetated shelf.

Channel Improvement Highlights

North of the basin, HCFCD will shift Tributary P118-21-00 west and enlarge it to increase its capacity. Along Aldine Mail Route Road and north of the road, the channel will be extended as a box culvert system to the Western Homes subdivision. The channel will have a 140-foot top width and 15-foot depth.

These projects are part the Watershed-Wide Project Implementation Program for Halls Bayou.

Project Locations

Locations of projects above.
These two projects are just two of a dozen along Halls Bayou.

Regardless, activists in Halls claim they get no support from HCFCD and that places like Kingwood get all the flood bond money. As a consequence, the county administrator is revising the flood bond prioritization framework yet again to favor projects in Halls and other low-to-moderate income watersheds.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/5/2022

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