Harris County Attorney Threatens Lawsuit Against RV Resort Owner, Contractor

The Harris County Attorney has threatened the Laurel Springs RV Resort owner and contractor with a lawsuit. The Cease and Desist letter also includes, strangely enough, the Lakewood Cove Homeowners Association.

The County Attorney alleges the HOA owns the property on which the RV Resort is being built. However, the HOA claims it does not and believes their inclusion is an error.

The Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) shows that LS RV Resort, LP bought the property on 9/22/21. HCAD’s ownership history goes back to 1985 and shows five previous owners. The Lakewood Cove HOA is not among them. Lakewood Cove started being built out around 2005.

Harris County Complaints

The County Attorney’s letter cites the following complaints. That the contractor, Higbie Ventures of Texas, Inc., and owner, LS RV Resort, LP:

Orange clay discharge in Edgewater Park wetlands after unpermitted discharge.

The County alleges trespass and destruction of county property. The trespass allegation may include trespass of bulldozers as well as trespass by water.

Photo taken 2/14/22 looking east toward Laurel Springs and Lakewood Cove along southern boundary of RV Resort. Edgewater Park is on right. The RV park property ends near the right edge of the detention pond, but trees contractors cleared trees well beyond that.
Looking south. 2/14/22 at 1PM. Contractors have been pulling dirt and debris back from Edgewater Park and piling it along wall of detention pond. Note ponding water still visible near trees in background.

In the photo above, the pipes laid through the wall were near the eroded area under water in the center of the frame. The developer has since spread dirt in this area to cover up the pipes, but no one who I have interviewed has seen the pipes being removed.

Harris County Demands

Harris County demands that the trespassing and discharges cease immediately and that the detention pond wall be repaired. The County also seeks damages and an injunction requiring the buried pipe to be removed.

The discharge was first documented on Saturday, 1/29/22 and the pipe installation on 1/31/22. The County Attorney’s letter is dated February 1, 2022.

Both Precinct 4 Parks Department and the Harris County Engineering Department inspected the site and documented damage.

Owner/Contractor Response

Since the County Attorney’s Cease and Desist letter, the contractor has worked to clear erosion and pull back debris from the County’s Edgewater Park. However, Higbie appears to have piled dirt in front of the inlet and outlet pipes without actually removing them. It’s unclear whether the pipes remain in the wall of the pond. No sources I have talked to have seen them removed and aerial images show that ponding water remains near the outlet location. It took three days to put the pipes in, so you would think it would take at least a day or two to take them out. But no such activity has been observed by many neighbors who have contacted me. However, the developer sometimes works at night.

HOA Status

Current Lakewood Cove HOA officers say they can find no record of ever having owned the RV property or of having an interest in it. The County Attorney (CA) has not returned their calls for two weeks. The CA did not return my call. Nor has the CA returned calls from Precinct 4 staff. I have not had time to obtain a title search. Let’s hope somebody at the County Attorney’s office can explain the alleged ownership issue with the HOA. And that the contractor removes the pipe from the pond wall (if it’s still there).

To see the County Attorney’s Cease and Desist Letter, click here.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/14/22

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