Construction at Laurel Spring RV Resort Shut down.

Laurel Springs RV Resort Construction Shut Down as Four Investigations Swirl

Construction at the controversial Laurel Springs RV Resort was shut down today as four investigations at the State, County and City levels swirled around construction practices there. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has one. Harris County has one. And the City of Houston has two – one around construction practices, the other around permits.

Weather May Have Contributed to Shutdown

It’s unclear whether the construction shut down was due to weather or complaints from one of the investigating bodies. All declined comment, citing ongoing investigations.

Photographs taken at the site on Thursday afternoon, 2/03/22, showed only one truck emptying Porta-potties.

Photos Taken Thursday 2/3/22

The investigations follow four recent posts documenting dubious construction and environmental practices.

Looking north. An empty construction site at approximately 2:30 pm on a Thursday afternoon is unusual, weather or not.

The silt fence that surrounded the inlet of the drain pipe that led from the stormwater detention pond into the County’s Edgewater Park had been removed.

Where there was a silt fence on Tuesday, on Thursday there appeared to be only a pile of dirt.
Red circles indicate approximate inlet and outfall locations for drain pipe.

There was no silt fence at either the inlet or outfall. Nor was there a silt fence leading into the woods on the left that represent the northern boundary of Edgewater Park.

Another angle shows fresh dirt and tire tracks between the inlet and outfall. Did they just cover up the pipe? Approved construction plans show pipe should not have been installed at this location.
Where the pipe should have gone. But as of Thursday afternoon, there was still no pipe from the pond leading to the circular pump housing in the corner.

And there’s still plenty of silty water in the woods of Edgewater Park, although, granted, it’s not as murky as on Tuesday.

Drainage from RV Resort in Edgewater Park. Laurel Spring Lane on left.

Troubled Present and Past

So what do we know?

  • Local, state and county governments have launched investigations.
  • The contractor has covered up the inlet and outlet to the pipe.
  • Silt fence appears removed or buried at one location and is still missing from the southern boundary of the site.
  • Silty water is still ponding in Edgewater Park.

We should know more in coming days about the status of the investigations.

To learn more about the owners of the RV park click here. They operate more than 100 different companies. The general contractor has six tax forfeitures in his past. And he lists his office as a postal box.

A ReduceFlooding investigation found multiple irregularities in the permitting for the Laurel Springs RV Resort.

Residents have been watching construction closely since it became known that the developer took advantage of a loophole in City regulations to cut the requirements for detention pond capacity in half. The undersized pond may be related to the buried pipe intended to convey stormwater into Edgewater Park.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/3/22

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