Rogers Gully Mouth Bar

How to Support House Bill 2525 and Additional Dredging for Lake Houston Area

State Representative Dan Huberty has introduced House Bill 2525. It would create a Lake Houston Dredging and Maintenance District within Harris County. That would include the headwaters of the lake on the East and West Forks of the San Jacinto. The District would have the power to remove sediment and debris on an ongoing basis in perpetuity.

Rogers Gully Mouth Bar
Rogers Gully Mouth Bar. Many ditches and streams around the lake are blocked like this one.

The District would NOT have the power to levy taxes or condemn land, but it COULD enter into interlocal agreements with political subdivisions and corporate entities to help cover expenses and repayment of bonds. The Mayor of Houston and the Harris County Judge would appoint a board to govern the District.

House Bill 2525 would take effect immediately if receives a two-thirds vote of both houses. Otherwise, it would take effect on September 1, 2021 if signed into law by the governor.

Brandon Creighton has filed an identical companion bill in the Senate, SB 1892. Neither bill has passed through committees yet.

Public Hearing Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning

The House Natural Resources Committee will hold public hearings on HB 2525 Tuesday morning, 4/13/2021. You can support the bill three ways at this point:

  • Testify in person
  • Testify via Zoom.
  • Submit a public comment via the House website.

For in-person witness registration, see: Instructions related to public access to the meeting location, and health and safety protocols for attending this meeting are available at:

A live video broadcast of this hearing will be available at:

Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments related to agenda items on this notice without testifying in person can do so until the hearing is adjourned. See:

Huberty’s office is not sure what order the committee will call the bills up. But the hearing will begin at 8 AM.

The House convenes at 10 AM and the committee will reconvene upon adjournment. “If we do not get to the bill in those first two hours,” said Casey Christman, Huberty’s assistant, “it may be last afternoon before it gets heard. It could end up being a very lengthy day.”

Key Points to Make

All things considered, I chose to register my support via the house website. It could not have been easier and only took a couple minutes. The site is extremely well organized. The key points I made included:

  • Maintenance on the lake has been deferred for decades.
  • The removal of accumulated sediment will reduce flooding and increase lake capacity.
  • This will support the economic vitality of the region.
Even though most of the above-water portion of the West Fork Mouth Bar have been removed by now, this chart of depth soundings shows that an underwater plateau still exists that can force flood waters up and out of the channel.

Please support House Bill 2525. To learn more about sediment and debris buildups around the lake, see these posts:

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