Travel Conditions Will Become Nearly Impossible Overnight; Wind Chills Will Dip into Single Digits

As of 10PM, travel conditions are becoming increasingly more difficult with the winter storm.

The freezing line has progressed to near the coast with upper 10’s spreading into the northern areas and mid 20’s into NW Harris County. Widespread freezing rain and sleet continues with accumulations in progress.

Source: National Weather Service

Roads have become extremely dangerous north of I-10 and most freeways have ice.

Freezing and frozen precipitation will continue for the next 8-12 hours. Gradually, the freezing rain will transition to more sleet and snow from NW to SE early Monday. Temperatures will fall into the mid-teens over much of the region overnight. Wind chills will dip into the single digits and below zero by morning.

Travel conditions will become nearly impossible overnight. Everyone should remain at their current location

Jeff Lindner, Harris County Meteorologist

Posted by Bob Rehak at 10PM 2/14/2021 based on info by NWS and HCFCD

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