Guess which way to colony ridge

Guess Which Way to Colony Ridge

This is the confluence of Caney Creek (left) and the San Jacinto East Fork (right) one day after a New Year’s Eve storm dumped two inches of rain on the area, including Plum Grove and Colony Ridge. The rain turned Colony Ridge, to the right, into a river of mud again.

Looking north at the confluence of Caney Creek and the San Jacinto East Fork (right). The sediment coming from Colony Ridge is a man-made disaster in the making. Photo taken 1/1/2021.

Where the Pollution Came From

Picture courtesy of Michael Shrader, Plum Grove Resident, of Maple Branch near his home on 12/31/2020 as rains ended. Colony Ridge drainage ditch in Camino Real subdivision enters into Maple Branch and then into East Fork.
Colony Ridge Drainage Ditch. Photo taken 1/1/2021. Note lack of sediment controls such as grass, backslope interceptor swales, and silt fences. TCEQ has previously cited the development for piling dirt next to ditches like this and for lack of sediment controls, but has done nothing about it.
See caption above.
And note how the piles of dirt on the left have almost completely eroded away. Photo 1/1/2021.

How Long?

TCEQ continues to be a toothless tiger. Liberty County Commissioners Court sees no problem and refuses to look at the evidence. The developer saves the money. Downstream residents continue to pay the price. Business as usual.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 1/2/2021 with thanks to Michael Schrader

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