Construction of Long-Awaited Edgewater Park to Begin in 2021

Andy Li and Kelly Schafler reported in Community Impact that Harris County Precinct 4 should begin construction on Phase 1 of Edgewater Park by mid-2021. Phase 1 includes a 19-acre park, parking lot, boat launch, fish-cleaning station, restroom, concession building, and detention pond. Cost: $2.3 million. Location: Between Hamblen Road and the San Jacinto West Fork, immediately east of US59. See below.

Looking north at the future site of Edgewater Park from over the San Jacinto West Fork and the new UP Railroad Bridge. US59 on left.
Looking South at Phase 1 of the future Edgewater Park. US59 on right. Hamblen Road in foreground. Humble in background.

Related Projects

Phase 2 will include the cypress ponds north of Hamblen and east of Phase 1. It also includes a potential reroute of Hamblen Road to unsnarl traffic and avoid

The park will provide a second boat launch in the Humble/Kingwood Area that will be open to the public. KSA’s boat launch at River Grove Park is open only to Kingwood residents with K-Stickers.

Two hike and bike trails are also planned as part of improvements. The first trail will connect the Spring Creek Greenway on the south side of the West Fork with the Townsen Park ‘n Ride. The second will connect Edgewater Park with River Grove Park and the Kingwood Trail Network. The Houston Parks Board also hopes to begin work on the second trail in early 2021.

Path of the West Fork Trail being built by the Houston Parks Board.

The old Bevil Jarrell Memorial Bridge will connect trails on both sides of the river.

Reasons for Delays

“Getting approvals for both the right of way and the design to continue the Spring Creek Greenway under the existing railroad bridge took much longer than anticipated,” said Dennis Johnston, Precinct 4 Parks Director.

Back in October 2018, I reported that the County hoped to begin construction of the park in 2019. However, construction of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge, permitting, and buyouts of the Riverview Townhomes in Forest Cove have all taken much longer than expected.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Parks website already shows the park under construction, but I haven’t seen activity there since the County put up a fence two years ago. Here’s what the plans looked like in 2018 when the County announced the project.

Tentative plans for a new Edgewater Park at Hamblen Road and Loop 494

Posted by Bob Rehak on December 27, 2020

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