Humble ISD North Transportation Center Taking Shape

In 2018, Humble ISD voters approved construction of a new north transportation center in Montgomery County.

Photo taken on 9/11/2020 shows transportation center in foreground and Perry Homes Woodridge Village in background on other side of Ford Road.

Saving Taxpayers $2 Million Per Year

The District claims that the new 11.7-acre center will save about $2 million in operation costs per year due to shorter routes in half of the District. Management says it should be ready for the 2021 school year and that it will improve response times.

September Aerial Photo Shows Substantial Detention Pond

Here’s what the North Transportation Center looked like on 9/11/2020 from the air. Note the detention pond on the right side of the photo. This pond was one of the first things developed during construction. It also forms a significant percentage of the overall site. Visually, it appears to be about 15-20 percent. And as you can see, it actually holds stormwater!

The pond was the first thing contractors started building on the site, as you can see in these pictures from last June.

Adjacent to Woodridge Village

The transportation facility will be directly across Ford Road from Woodridge Village which has been plagued by flooding problems. You can see Woodridge in the background of the photo above. Woodridge Village contributed to flooding Elm Grove Village twice last year in May and September.

When Humble ISD started clearing land for their North Transportation Center, worried neighbors expressed their concerns about possible flooding. But so far, no damage.

Close up shot of pond and newly poured concrete. Note depth of pond compared to homes in background and construction container in foreground.
Wider shot shows areas where contractors were getting ready to pour new concrete on 9/11/2020.

The Humble ISD has not responded to a request for their drainage analysis.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 10/2/2020

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