Statewide Group Called TRAM Has Formed to Lobby for Responsible Aggregate Mining

Texans for Responsible Aggregate Mining (TRAM) is a statewide coalition of member groups seeking to work with lawmakers, state agencies, and good-faith industry operators. Their goal: to create state standards for best management practices in the rapidly expanding Aggregate Production Operation (APO) industry, and adopt those standards into law.

“Our goal is to create a healthier, safer and more desirable community for Texans as well as a more efficient APO industry that is aligned with the concerns of the communities in which they operate,” says TRAM’s new website, which launched last week.

TRAM Represents 10 Organizations in 29 Counties

So far, TRAM represents groups reaching into 29 counties. Each of those counties have felt the effects of aggregate mining.

Groups include:

The Texas Aggregate and Concrete Association, TACA, which claims to advocate for more responsible mining practices, is noticeable for its absence.

Counties represented by TRAM Alliance
TRAM logo

Key Issues Identified by TRAM

TRAM members have identified six key issues they wish to affect:

  • Air particulate emissions
  • Water use
  • Surface and groundwater contamination
  • Rapid, largely unregulated development of Aggregate Production Operations
  • Truck traffic
  • Nuisance issues such as noise, blight, and blight on surrounding properties

They hope to educate legislators on each of these issues.

For More Information

Groups like this don’t spring up without cause. To learn more, visit TRAM’s website, contact

You can also visit the sand mining page or the index page of this web site to review information on APOs and sand mining specifically in the Houston region.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 7/13/2020

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