HCFCD About to Start Next Phase of Kingwood Diversion Ditch Repairs

On Monday, July 13, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) plans to begin more repairs to the Kingwood Diversion Ditch. In June, HCFCD repaired severe erosion near Walnut Lane between Trailwood and Forest Cove. The new repairs will begin farther down the ditch between Forest Cove and Deer Ridge Estates, just north of Deer Springs Drive. See map below.

Area of new repairs outlined in red. For reference, Kingwood’s Deer Ridge Park is in upper right. The outlined area shows where trees will be removed and is approximate.

Ditch To Be Straightened, Erosion Repaired

HCFCD plans to straighten the ditch and repair erosion. That will require the removal of trees which have grown up in the ditch and along its banks. See below.

In the area to be repaired, erosion and vegetation have made the ditch deviate from its normal course over time. The red line indicates the original path. The purple line indicates the current patch. Source: HCFCD.
Severe erosion threatens trails, safety and homes on both sides of the ditch.
Trees have grown up in the ditch, reducing its conveyance and blocking floodwaters.
To repair erosion and restore ditch, trees will need to be removed.

Bird Survey Finds No Nests Impacted

HCFCD has not specified the number of trees it will remove. However, the District has conducted a Bird Survey to ensure repairs will not impact any active nests near the portion of the Kingwood Diversion Ditch undergoing repair.

Protecting Homes from Future Erosion

“We will work to minimize the impacts to trees and nature, but we need to be able to get our equipment in to make repairs,” said Beth Walters, a spokesperson for HCFCD. “We do not know exactly how many trees will need to be removed. Unfortunately, it will be noticeable, but the repair will protect fences and homes from future erosion.”

Property threatened by diversion ditch erosion. Photo from January 2019.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 7/8/2020

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