HCFCD Begins New Kingwood Drainage Ditch Repairs

Harris County Flood Control District has quietly started repairs to two more Kingwood Drainage Ditches. The first is G103-33-01, the ditch between Fosters Mill and Kings Point that enters the river near the mouth bar at Scenic Shores. The second is the Kingwood Diversion Ditch, G-103-38-00. It runs down the west side of Woodland Hills, crosses Kingwood Drive by the fire station, then descends to the lake between Trailwood Village and Forest Cove.

Work In Progress as of Monday 5/11/2020

Erosion on the ditch between Fosters Mill and Kings Point that enters Lake Houston near the mouth bar (background) undergoes repair.
Turbulence downstream of weirs, bottom left, commonly results in erosion.
Here’s what the erosion looked like before repairs started. Picture taken in 2018 courtesy of HCFCD.
Close up of eroded drain pipe near weir.

Work on Diversion Ditch Expected to Start This Week

According to Beth Walters of Harris County Flood Control, work on the Diversion Ditch should start this week. Below are several pictures taken of severe erosion that threatens homes and trails.

Looking west at Property in Deer Ridge Estates threatened by erosion of Kingwood Diversion Ditch. Looking west. Picture taken Jan. 2019.
Looking south at the Kingwood Diversion Ditch erosion just south of Walnut Lane. This area is a perennial problem. Photo taken in 2009. Kayakers have dubbed this area the Kingwood rapids. During floods, it offers the only white water experience in Kingwood.

Ditch maintenance includes erosion repairs, silt buildup removal, mowing, de-snagging (removing downed trees), and removing collapsed drainpipes.

Erosion in Kingwood Diversion Ditch near fire station on Kingwood Drive.

Additional details are not yet available on the length of time repairs will take.

Left unrepaired, such erosion can destroy property and trails. These repairs are part of HCFCD’s ongoing maintenance efforts.

Here’s a list of planned maintenance projects on other ditches around the Kingwood area.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/17/2020

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