County Approves Elm Grove Deal with Two Conditions

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo conducting virtual discussion of the purchase of Woodridge Village Property.

In another marathon session that lasted more than 12 hours Tuesday, Harris County Commissioners finally approved a deal to purchase Perry Homes/Figure Four Partners’ Woodridge Village Property for $14 million. Woodridge contributed to flooding Elm Grove Village twice last year.

Two Conditions Still on Deal

The offer will be made to Perry Homes immediately. However, it will be with the understanding that the City of Houston must:

  1. Adopt Atlas 14 rainfall standards, including within its extra territorial jurisdiction.
  2. Deed $7 million worth of other land (unrelated to this deal) to the Harris County Flood Control District to help complete other flood mitigation projects.

If the City fulfills the conditions, the Perry land would be used to create regional flood-control detention.

Commissioner Cagle Optimistic

Immediately after the meeting, Commissioner Jack Cagle spoke with City of Houston Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin who also serves as City Council Member for Elm Grove/Kingwood. According to aids, Cagle was optimistic that the City could meet the conditions.

The County treasurer doesn’t yet have permission to write a check, but this is progress.

Commissioner Cagle made the motion. Commissioner Garcia seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Money for the purchase would come out of Flood Control District bond funds allocated for drainage improvements in the San Jacinto watershed.

Listen to the Commissioners Here

For a complete recording of the discussion and vote, click here. The “Russ” referred to in the audio is Russ Poppe, executive director of Harris County Flood Control District.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/29/2020

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