River Grove Boat Launch Reopens

The River Grove Park boat launch has finally reopened. Hurricane Harvey sanded it in two and half years ago.

These were among the first boaters at River Grove after the opening. Further downstream, the river was crowded with personal watercraft.
Jet skis near Romerica property downstream from River Grove.
South of Kingwood Country Club, I spotted four more boats.

Here’s the history of the project to reopen River Grove.

Remember, River Grove is restricted to people with KSA stickers. River Grove is a private, not a public park. It’s restricted to Kingwood residents whose villages belong to KSA.

Hope you enjoy the great outdoors. The reopening of the boat launch has been a long time coming.

Just remember to be careful. There’s plenty of room for you and your boat out there on Lake Houston to practice social distancing…as you see in these photos.

Also remember that barges and dredges are still moving up and down the river. They can’t maneuver like you. So keep your distance.

Barges offloading spoils from mouth bar directly across river from River Grove Park.

Safety first, last and always.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/22/2020

967 Days after Hurricane Harvey