Perry Homes Extends Deadline for Woodridge Purchase as Construction Ratchets Up

J. Carey Gray, lawyer for Figure Four Partners, a Perry Homes subsidiary, sent a letter to Harris County, City of Houston and State officials on April 15th. The letter extends to May 15th the County’s deadline for pulling a deal together to purchase Woodridge Village.

Conditions for a Deal

At the last Commissioner’s Court meeting, Harris County requested two things before consummating a deal in addition to a deadline extension from Perry Homes:

  • Land in lieu of a cash contribution from the City to help complete HCFCD projects and offset part of the County’s purchase price
  • Changes in the Montgomery County Drainage Criteria Manual, including Atlas-14 compliance. Closing the detention pond loophole was also mentioned.

See Russ Poppe, Executive Director of Harris County Flood Control District at approximately 7:33:45 in this video of the Harris County Commissioner’s Court meeting.

Construction Resumed Day after Meeting

The day after the commissioners’ meeting, Perry resumed construction on the Woodridge Village site.

A flyover of the site Tuesday, 4/21/2020, revealed that Perry contractors now have at least 30 pieces of earth-moving equipment at Woodridge Village. That’s compared to about 20 a week ago. Contractors are:

  • Expanding the N2 Detention pond and taking dirt to fill in low areas elsewhere around the site.
  • Blocking out new roads
  • Pouring concrete
  • Installing culverts.

Construction Pictures from Tuesday, 4/21/2020

The pictures below show the activity.

Looking south across Woodridge Village from northern boundary along western boundary at Webb Street Entrance in Porter.
Looking SE. Closer shot of work on N2 detention pond. Dirt from pond is filling former wetlands on left.
Grassy area in bottom right is portion of N2 pond built by MoCo in 2005 for another project.
Some excavated dirt from N2 is being used to fill the bog along Woodland Hills Drive near Kingwood Park High School
New section of concrete poured this morning north of Sherwood Trails
More concrete poured this morning north of Fair Grove in Elm Grove Village. Note: still no berm between S1 pond (center bottom) and S2 pond (upper right).
Culverts being installed along Taylor Gully where it cuts through Woodridge Village
Outlines of roads taking shape.
Dirt from pond is filling in wetlands, left.
Culverts about to be set in concrete.
Workers appear to be building a concrete pilot channel in the middle of the expanded N2 pond.
An assembly line of trucks carried more dirt away from N2, which is relentlessly expanding.

Text of Letter from Perry Lawyer

Despite all this activity, Lawyer Gray promises that if Harris County can pull together a deal, the additional costs will not affect Perry’s purchase price.

Gray also says that Perry continues to seek a private buyer. And that it hopes to have detention ponds completed by summer of 2020 (presumably if the purchase does not go through). See the full text of Gray’s letter below or download this printable PDF.

Page 1
Page 2

Draw your own conclusions from the letter and the construction, and keep your fingers crossed.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/22/2020

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