Additional Rain Puts Lake Conroe Within 1 inch of April Average

Yesterday, I posted about rains that quickly brought Lake Conroe back up to its average for March. Additional rain last night and today brought the lake up another 3.24 inches to 200.23 as of 9pm on 3/22/2020. That means the lake is now within about 1 inch of its average level for April.

Source Readings as of 9pm on Sunday, March 22, 2020.
46-year average levels for Lake Conroe. Variation due to rainfall, evaporation and releases. Source: Chuck Gilman presentation and January 2020 board meeting.

This now means that SJRA would release enough water starting April 1 to reduce the level of the lake to 200 feet above sea level. If the lake remains at this level, that would mean lowering it about 3.24 inches starting April 1.

The purpose of the SJRA’s temporary seasonal lake lowering program: to provide a margin of safety against flooding until downstream mitigation measures can be put in place. Those include West Fork mouth bar dredging and additional floodgates on Lake Houston to lower the level of the lake faster during a flood.

Renewal of the policy was the subject of a bitter fight between Lake Conroe and Lake Houston between December 2019 and February 2020. It culminated in a board meeting attended by approximately 1500 residents from both communities.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/22/2020

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