Big Box Stores in Humble During Harvey

Harvey Remembered

“For a couple of weeks, I wasn’t able to work due to Hurricane Harvey,” said Kingwood resident Mike Combat Willcox. “So I documented the storm the best I could. I was thinking years into the future that we would need to remember how it happened and have something to show to our kids.”

He was right. We need this NOW as Lake Conroe residents fight to keep their lake full to the brim during rainy seasons.

A former TV producer-editor-photographer at ConocoPhillips, Willcox now runs his own real-estate photography business. Mike is also a world champion aeromodelling pilot, a skill he puts to good use in this video of Harvey.

8-Minute YouTube video courtesy of Mike Combat Willcox

I still have yet to see any comparable pictures of the damage to Lake Conroe homes and businesses caused by lowering the lake an average six inches beyond the normal amount lost due to evaporation.

Suggestion for Next SJRA Board Meeting

I wish the SJRA would play THIS before its next board meeting so that Lake Conroe residents could see why Kingwood residents are so eager to continue the temporary, seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe. Then maybe we could see a video from the Lake Conroe Association about all the damage caused by the lake lowering. That might help the two sides understand each other better.

Just sayin’.

Posted by Bob Rehak with thanks to Mike Combat Willcox for sharing his video

878 Days since Hurricane Harvey