Perry Homes’ Brand Just Lost Another Generation

Perry Homes once had a stellar brand image. At least according to Perry Homes. Now that image is lower than whale poop on the bottom of the ocean. Perry Homes managed not only to alienate adult homebuyers, they’ve alienated the next generation, too. Ignoring regulations. Contributing to flooding hundreds of homes – twice. Denying all responsibility. Suing victims. Ignoring commitments. Dragging feet on mitigation. Exposing twice-flooded residents to even more risk! This could go down in the annals of business history as the perfect way to kill a brand.

Two Generations Down the Drain

The worst fate most brands suffer is indifference. But Perry Homes has managed to create a generation of child activists out to expose the indifference of the brand’s managers to flood victims.

Isabelle Fleenor, a student at Kingwood Middle School, created and stars in this YouTube video about how Perry Homes ruined Christmas for so many Elm Grove and North Kingwood Forest residents. It’s called a “Very Un Merry Perry Christmas.”

According to Isabelle’s mother, Isabelle conceived the video, starred in it, edited it, created all the graphics and also made “Dam It Perry Homes” signs and T-shirts. They express the community’s anger and point to a constructive solution. She then took the money she raised from T-shirt and sign sales, and donated it to the Elm Grove fall festival for kids so that they might enjoy Halloween.

When I first saw this video, I said to myself, “This young lady has a future in film, television, or on the stage.” What a presenter! She has energy. She’s articulate. And she has heart! You see, Isabelle and her family did not flood. She did all this work for her neighbors who did flood.

Dam It Perry Homes T Shirt by Isabelle Fleenor from her video.
Screen capture from Isabelle Fleenor’s video.

Merry Christmas, Perry Homes, from the Younger Generation

I highly recommended you take two minutes to watch this video. Especially if your name is Kathy Perry Britton. This is the future of your brand, Ms. Britton. Merry Christmas!

Posted by Bob Rehak on 12/16/2019 based on a video by Isabelle Fleenor

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