Life Threatening Flash Flooding Underway From Conroe to Porter to Winnie

(Updated at 2 p.m.) Jeff Lindner, Harris County Flood Control Meteorologist, reported that life threatening flash flooding is underway from Conroe to Porter to Winnie.

8.36 inches of rain has fallen in 1.5 hours at Caney Creek and FM 2090. Two day storm totals now are 20-22 inches over SE Montgomery County and 15-20 inches over NE Harris County.

The gage at US 59 and the West Fork reported 4.56 INCHES IN ONE HOUR and more than 9 inches in three hours this morning.

As a consequence, the West Fork has now risen 6 feet since this morning. As a consequence, the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, near Humble, until late Friday night, or until the warning is cancelled. West Fork Flooding is now likely.

Unlike last night, major flooding is now expected on the West Fork.

As of 11 a.m. forecasters expected the West Fork to crest at 53 feet. It is already to the major flood stage.

Other Bayous

Harris County’s bayous, creeks and tributaries are continuing to respond to the runoff from heavy rainfall. The following are out of banks:

  • East Fork San Jacinto at FM 1485
  • East Fork San Jacinto at FM 2090
  • Peach Creek at FM 2090
  • Caney Creek at FM 2090
  • Cedar Bayou at US 90
  • Lower Cypress
  • West Fork of San Jacinto
  • Halls Bayou
  • Middle Greens Bayou
  • Cedar Bayou
  • Gum Gully
  • Briar Branch
  • Garners Bayou
  • Taylor Gully


Widespread deep flooding is in progress. Intense rainfall rates of 3-5 inches per hour can be expected in the Kingwood, Humble, Huffman, and Crosby areas. This will result in rapid onset flash flooding.

Kingwood Drive Closed By Wendy’s

Early this morning, I received a report that Kingwood Drive was cut off near the Randall’s shopping center near the front of Kingwood by the railroad tracks. Water was over the bumper of a fire truck.

Kingwood Drive is under water near Riverwood Middle School. Alberson can’t get to Town Center to see what is happening there. He can’t get through the Fosters Mill intersection.

Image courtesy of Josh Alberson. Kingwood Drive near Riverwood Middle School.
HEB shopping center on Kingwood Drive at West Lake Houston Parkway. Water may or may not be in the store. Great enlargement shows people scratching their heads by the door. Photo by Josh Alberson.
Memorial Hermann’s Convenient Care Center at Kingwood Town Center also appears to be flooded. Photo by Josh Alberson..
The area next to the new retail development known as the Kingwood Docks. Photo from Kingwood Drive looking north by Josh Alberson.

Northpark Cut Off, Too

Northpark Drive appears to be flooded at numerous places between 59 and Mills Branch Road.

I received a report from a resident stating that a high water rescue attempt is in progress near the Northpark HEB shopping center. I’m not exactly sure where.

Daryl Palmer reports that Northpark is underwater near West Lake Houston Parkway also. It is impassable.

The St. Martha School near Northpark and Woodland Hills is reportedly flooded.

Mills Branch and Northpark. Photo by Josh Alberson. Alberson says that he saw an F250 get through, but other cars are flooding.

Cable Outages

I have also received reports of numerous cable outages which have hampered communication.

Other Street Flooding

Hunter’s Ridge and Bear Branch are experiencing street flooding similar to May 7th levels.

South Woodland Hills is flooding. A reader reports of one rescue that is currently underway of an elderly person.

Water is up to slabs in South Woodland Hills. Image Courtesy of Barbara Hillburn.

Jim Zura reports from South Woodland Hills that, “My properly-placed rain gauge filled up three times from yesterday through 10 AM.  That’s 5 inches times 3.  Just checked an hour later, and there was another 3 inches. So that’s 18+ inches in 24 hours. Flooding on my street is worse than the May flood, which was worse than Harvey, which was worse than Allison, etc.”

Josh Alberson in Kings Point said he almost flooded from water coming from his neighbor’s property, but was able to divert it.

Water is creeping up on several homes in Kings Forest, according to Jennifer Coulter. The Kings Forest Pool is in danger of flooding again.

Kings Forest Pool as of 11:40 am on 9/19/19. The pool house has 2-3 inches of water in it.

Flooding in Elm Grove a Foot Higher than May

Dianne Lansden reported that Elm Grove Elementary flooded.

Daryl Palmer reports that the flooding in Elm Grove is at least one foot higher than in May. Multiple homes have flooded again.

Jeff Miller, another Elm Grove resident, reports that streets that flooded in Elm Grove during the May 7th flood are filling up again.

Nancy Vera, who lives on the Harris/Montgomery County Line right next to Woodridge Village, says her and her neighbor’s homes are flooded again with brown water from the development. Vera says her backyard which borders Taylor Gully was dry when her home flooded. (Note: according to reports during the lunch hour, Taylor Gully is now out of its banks in this reach of the ditch.)

Nancy Vera’s home on Village Springs in Elm Grove on the morning of 9/19/19.
Nancy Vera’s front yard, looking toward Village Springs. Woodridge development is to the right, out of frame.
Submerged car at the end of Village Springs in Elm Grove. Photo courtesy of Allyssa Harris.

Cogdill home at the end of Village Springs adjacent to new development. Photo courtesy of Allyssa Harris.
Village Springs in Elm Grove. Photo courtesy of Allyssa Harris.
Looking toward Woodridge Village, you can see a lake in the background. Video courtesy of Allyssa Harris. The detention ponds are totally overwhelmed.

Close up cropped and enlarged from the shot above, better showing the water level coming from Woodridge. Photo courtesy of Allyssa Harris.

Below is video shot by Allyssa Harris showing water flowing OUT of Woodridge Village INTO Elm Grove. This leaves no doubt where the water is coming from.

Photo courtesy of Allyssa Harris. Taken at end of Village Springs looking toward Woodridge Village.

According to Allyssa who took the shots above, a kayaker just came by and said that Taylor Gully is now underwater.

Porter Flooding

Gretchen Dunlap-Smith in Porter immediately west of Woodridge Village who flooded on May 7th is flooding again. She reports that her house which never flooded before May 7th is filling up rapidly again.

Please check on vulnerable neighbors to make sure they are OK.

The City of Houston warns that multiple roads and highways are impassable.  Water may rise into some residential buildings in Kingwood.  Additional heavy rainfall is expected.

Lake Houston

As of 1:30 p.m, Lake Houston was up significantly, according to the Coastal Water Authority.

Lake Level45.96 ft.
Normal Pool42.38 ft.
Update Time13:30 PM
Here’s what Karen Pickle’s Boat House looked like at 10:30 this morning.
By 12:30, it looked like this.

Stay tuned to Mother Nature.

3-hr rainfall rates range from 6-10 inches

Significant flash flooding is in progress. Water is entering homes in Huffman and water rescues are ongoing.

If you feel your life is in danger, call 911.

Other Affected Areas

It appears this line of thunderstorms will move south into the Spring, Sheldon, Highlands, and Baytown areas over the next hour. Flash flooding is likely along with rises on the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, Gum Gully, and Carpenters Bayou.

Intense rainfall band sagging southwest toward Houston at 9am CT Thursday. ( City Weather)

Posted by Bob Rehak at 8:30 a.m. on 9/19/19, updated at 2 p.m.

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