Woodridge Village Construction Near Standstill

Construction progress on the Woodridge Village site has nearly ground to a crawl. After:

…Perry Homes should rename Woodridge Village the Village of the Damned (after the 1960 horror movie). What possesses these people!

Construction Update

The development is reportedly still months behind schedule. That may have something to do with more than 200 lawsuits against the developer.

My last update on Woodridge construction was 18 days ago and little has changed since then according to Elm Grove resident Jeff Miller who tracks construction progress on the site.

The culvert under the street that connects the northern and southern portions of Woodridge Village is now complete. But the street itself has no concrete or curbs. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.

According to Miller, “The culvert across Taylor Gully and cement structure around it are complete and ready for the road crew to pave over it.”

The trees that used to separate the northern and southern halves of the development are gone. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.

“The clearing continues in the northern section. More trees are laying down and turning brown. I have seen some activity like preliminary marking of the future detention pond N1,” says Miller.

The overflow channel between Taylor Gully and detention pond S2 just north of Village Springs in Elm Grove is being lined with rocks and concrete. Video courtesy of Jeff Miller.
Looking west and panning north. This clip shows that the construction company has hydromulched the berm that separates Woodridge Village from Elm Grove. Video courtesy of Jeff Miller.

“The berm, swale and backslope interceptor structures seem to be complete on the southern border with Elm Grove,” continued Miller. “They have sprayed the slopes with a green fertilizer/seed mixture.”

On the plus side, maybe the grass will help prevent more erosion.

Posted by Bob Rehak with help from Jeff Miller

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