Upstream Section of Taylor Gully Nearly Restored

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has nearly completed restoration of Taylor Gully between Bassingham and the Montgomery County line. At least one drain pipe still needs to be installed and some dirt needs to be removed. But the drainage ditch itself is looking much better.

Taylor Gully Excavated, New Pipe Installed

Said Jeff Miller, an Elm Grove resident tracking the work, said, “Most all grading and sediment removal is complete. It looks like they are finishing rebuilding and installing one last backslope interceptor pipe. In all, I counted 8 new pipes and 2 cleared pipes, the majority on the west side of the gully.”

Looking south into Taylor Gully from the culvert that separates Woodridge Village and Elm Grove.
This ditch had become clogged from upstream erosion.
But now, HCFCD has almost totally restored conveyance. All images courtesy of Jeff Miller.

New Drain Pipe Work Nearly Complete

HCFCD reset this inlet behind Abel and Nancy Vera’s backyard.
 New backslpoe interceptor pipe with concrete structure not yet poured; end of metal pipe will be trimmed flush with concrete.
Drain pipe exits have been cleared. Some were totally submerged in sediment.
Soil near Rustic Elms still needs to be removed and replacement pipe installed.

Thank You, HCFCD!

A big shout out to the men, women and contractors of the Harris County Flood Control District for excellent work. It will help protect hundreds of homes that flooded on May 7.

Posted by Bob Rehak and Jeff Miller

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