Before-After Shots of Clean-Out: HCFCD Restoring Conveyance of Taylor Gully In Elm Grove

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) is nearing completion of its project to clean out Taylor Gully. The project will restore the ditch’s conveyance through Elm Grove. The ditch had become clogged due, in large part, to erosion from months of clear-cutting and construction activities immediately upstream in the new Woodridge Village development.

After the Flood, but Before the Clean-Out

Below, several shots taken shortly after the May 7th flood.

Erosion on Woodridge Village property. Concrete culvert in background is entrance to Taylor Gully on Harris County side of Montgomery County Line.
Another shot of erosion leading to culvert, visible in upper right.
Looking north at same culvert from Harris County side of county line.
Flood debris carried downstream into Elm Grove portion of Taylor Gully
Shot taken at end of May looking south along Taylor Gully. Three weeks after the May 7 flood.

After the Clean-Out

What a difference some backhoes and bulldozers can make!

Looking south from same area today, but from opposite side of Gully. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.
Re-contoured backslope swale with new culvert. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.
Newly cleared Taylor Gulley Backslope Swale near the homes that flooded in North Kingwood Forest. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.
Brand new backslope interceptor structure and improved swale by HCFCD located just north of Creek Manor where it dead ends into Taylor Gulley. Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller.

These backslope interceptor swales reduce erosion, provide additional floodwater storage, and help prevent floodwaters from impacting structures.

One Month From Statistical Peak of Hurricane Season

Today is one month from the peak of hurricane season – September 11. Hundreds of people in Elm Grove and North Kingwood Forest will have an additional margin of safety thanks to HCFCD’s Taylor Gully project. Despite three months of near-perfect construction weather, Perry Homes’ contractors have only completed two of five planned detention ponds upstream. More on the construction status of Woodridge Village in my next post.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 8/11/2019 with photography from Jeff Miller

712 Days since Hurricane Harvey and 3 months + 4 days since the May 7th flood