Invest 92L Now Tropical Storm Barry, but Threat to Houston Diminished

This morning, Invest 92L intensified into a tropical storm and received the name Barry. However, it is also shifting east, reducing the threat to the Houston area. We are now entirely outside the cone of uncertainty.

Sporadic Thunderstorms Now Main Threat From Barry

The main threat now to the Houston area from Barry: showers and thunderstorms as high moisture levels and disturbances approach from the ENE/NE today. According to Harris County Meteorologist Jeff Lindner, “It is possible a few outer rain bands could move into the area Friday and Saturday. These bands would produce brief heavy rainfall and gusty winds.”

Risk of Flash Flooding Extremely Low

The National Weather Service puts us outside the area with even a 5% risk of flash flooding.

Even the rainfall potential is minimal. Light green represents less than 2 inches of rainfall and it covers only our souther counties.
Here’s where the heavy rains are located at this moment. From this image, you can see that the storm still does not have a tightly defined center of rotation.
Natural color image showing extent of disturbances.

Heavy Surf and Higher than Normal Tides Predicted

If you were planning on boating offshore this weekend, you probably want to rethink those plans.

Seas should increase across all of the northern Gulf of Mexico because of Barry. Lindner expects waves in the 6-8 foot range along the upper Texas coast by the weekend, with some possibly even higher east of Galveston. This will also elevate tides along Gulf facing beaches. Tides should peak Saturday 2.0-2.5 feet above normal.

All that water coming in produces strong undertows when it goes out. If you like watching waves, watch from a safe distance.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 7/11/2019

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