Harris County Flood Control Updates Kingwood Portion of Its Website

Harris County Flood Control District has just completed an update of the Kingwood-related pages on its web site.

Just hours before the May 10 storm hit, HCFCD pulled this giant tree off a downed power line that had fallen into Ben’s Branch during the previous storm. The location was across the street from Bear Branch Elementary.

Flood Control Web Site Updates Include

Major updates include:

  • Landing page discusses HCFCD post-flood actions completed through May, 2019.
  • Latest status of dredging project
  • New pictures of channels taken during May, 2019 storms
  • New channel assessment reports

Additional Data

If you’re not familiar with the Flood Control web site, you should be. It’s a treasure chest of information. It contains Interactive project maps plus everything you could want to know about:

  • 2018 Flood Bond
  • County’s drainage network and numbering system (for identification and reporting purposes)
  • Mowing
  • County’s flood warning system
  • Floodplain Reference Marks
  • Flood insurance
  • The history of flooding in our area
  • Community services
  • And much more.

Openness and Transparency

The web site is just part of the County’s commitment to openness in its business dealings. Explore it and take advantage of it. It’s both deep and broad…loaded with information for residents as well as professionals. Few government agencies go to these lengths to maintain transparency.

Related Site Includes Info about Floodplain Management/Construction

For anyone exploring floodplain construction, the Harris County Engineer’s site is also a gold mine of information. It will help you understand the standards for developers. If you see something that doesn’t look right, this will help you understand whether the developer is playing by the rules or cutting corners.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 6/6/2019

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