Better Late Than Never: Large Detention Pond Taking Shape North of Area that Flooded

Elm Grove resident Jeff Miller reported tonight that Rebel Contractors was busy widening and deepening a crucial detention pond near homes that flooded in Elm Grove and North Kingwood Forest. According to Miller, “The pond is starting to assume its final shape with the sloping of the edges.”

Here’s the plan for the pond.

S2 (the second detention pond in the south section of Woodridge Village.

May 8

For comparison, the “pond” looked like this after the storm on May 7…non-existent. For comparison purposes, consider this the BEFORE SHOT.

Photo taken shortly after the flood on May 7 shows the area where S2 detention pond should be had not yet been excavated. Nor was silt fence in place.

May 30

Here’s what it looked like on the afternoon of 5/30/19. This Woodridge Village detention pond should ultimately hold about 50 acre feet of runoff. Had it been excavated before the May 7th rains, many homes might not have flooded. It could have reduced the height of the flood by one whole foot across a 50-acre area.

Photo of S2 taken by Jeff Miller on 5/30/19

Said Miller, “Better late than never.” The video below lets you get a better look at the expansiveness of the pond.

Video by Elm Grove resident Jeff Miller showing S2 pond in Woodridge Village taking shape.

Dirt from this pond and others will build up the rest of the subdivision.

Posted by Bob Rehak on May 30, 2019, with photos and reporting from Jeff Miller

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