Webster, Spurlock Law Firms File Suit on Behalf of More Than 100 Flood Victims

The Webster and Spurlock law firms today jointly filed a lawsuit on behalf of more than one hundred flooded home owners in the Elm Grove area. Webster and Spurlock list Figure Four Partners, LTD., PSWA, Inc., and Rebel Contractors, Inc. as the defendants.

Details of Suit

The lawyers say they may amend the suit to add Perry Homes and LJA Engineers. In addition, they say more homeowners could soon join the suit. Elm Grove Homeowners Association reportedly held another meeting with the lawyers at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church tonight.

The suit alleges negligence, negligence per se, gross negligence, nuisance, and violation of Section 11.086 of the Texas Water Code. Plaintiffs see exemplary damages and a permanent injunction among other things.

Read the text of the their legal filing here.

A statement by Figure Four Partners, LTD, claims the flood was an act of God. However, 93% of all the homes that flooded in Kingwood and Forest Cove were within a few flocks of the land that Figure Four clearcut.


Also, videos and photographs that have surfaced since the flood show water pouring out of their new development into the streets of Elm Grove that already were retaining rain. Elsewhere in Kingwood, there was little street flooding that entered homes. So it appears that the combination of sheet flow from Figure Fours’ development with street flooding made the difference.

One resident sent me these pictures last night via the submissions page on this web site. They show water in the streets that appears to be higher than water in Taylor Gully.

Taylor Gulley just before the flood peaked, according to the photographer. Image taken at Rustling Elms shows that ditch was mostly within its banks at this point, though certainly, some overflow can be seen.
Water over bumper of school bus.
Never park your car in the street during a flash flood.
Same scene from lower angle a little later in the flood.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/14/2019

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