Street Flooding on Steroids

On May 7, 2019, Kingwood received as much rain in one afternoon as we were expecting in a whole week of heavy rains. This wasn’t just street flooding. It was street flooding on steroids…as these pictures and this video show.

Submerged car on Kingwood Drive between Taco Bell and Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s Office.
Afternoon of 5/7/2019 when Kingwood received up to 10 inches of rain.
Car trying to get out of deep water on Kingwood Drive. If the water level gets over your tailpipe, it will kill your engine.
Street flooding on steroids. Inside the home of Keith Stewart on May 7, 2019.
From Elm Grove subdivision.
“My wife and kids are panicking…”
Looking for a way out of Kingwood at rush hour, with Kingwood Drive cut off, Kaaren Cambio attempted to find a way out through Trailwood. Not much luck there!

Remember, no matter how frustrated you get, losing your car or your life isn’t worth it. Cambio said she turned around and sheltered in the fire station on Kingwood Drive until traffic started moving again. Very smart lady!

When all this is over, we need to have Kingwood-wide storm drain inspections. Not all streets flooded equally. Some fared well. Others didn’t. We need to identify the streets with blocked drains and collapsed sewers before hurricane season gets here. Hey, we all passed Proposition A, didn’t we? Let’s dip into that lockbox for drainage fees and fix some drainage problems.

Posted by Bob Rehak on May 7, 2019 at 10:30 pm

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