Army Corps Updates Dredging Status

As of April 15, almost all of the Emergency West Fork Dredging Project was complete. The map below shows the current status. As of April 15, the Corps and its contractors have dredged a total of 1,564,000 cubic yards of sediment.

The Great Lakes dredge has completed its segment (shown in red) and returned to dock where it is undergoing maintenance. Great Lakes has not yet demobilized. It is awaiting a decision from FEMA and the Army Corps on whether they will approve dredging of the mouth bar.

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Callan Marine, a subcontractor to Great Lakes, is shown in blue. They are currently dredging just downstream from Kings Harbor. They have about 400 yards to go on the northern half of the channel. Callan should complete its segment around the end of the month.

Great Lakes Dredge has completed its segment and is docked, undergoing maintenance.
Callan still has a short distance to dredge. See the unfilled rectangles in the map above.

Next step: FEMA and the Army Corps need to make a decision on the mouth bar. They have not yet indicated when that might be.

Posted by Bob Rehak on April 17, 2019

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