March 4 Dredge Update

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supplied this graphic. It updates the public on the latest dredging progress.

Two dredges, moving west to east (left to right), expect to complete dredging by the end of April, seven weeks from now. It was originally a nine month project scheduled to end around April 1, but heavy weather and multiple floods during December and January set the contractors back.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock operates the red dredge that started at River Grove Park and is working its way toward the project midpoint.

Callan Marine operates the blue dredge that started at the midpoint and is working its way toward the end.

With roughly 50 days remaining (about 15-20% of the time depending on how many weather days you allow), the corps appears to be about 70% done. That means they must hustle to make up time. The contractors are already working 24/7.

Parents who want to give their kids a treat can take them down to Kings Harbor to watch the dredging. I was there today. It is truly impressive. There’s lots of big equipment on the river moving more sand than the Astrodome can hold. They’re pumping it miles upriver to two old sand pits.

While at Kings Harbor sample some frozen yogurt or one of the restaurants that recently re-opened. Please support the local merchants who bet their financial futures to make your life a little more enjoyable.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/7/2019

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