Commercial Development Guidelines for Kingwood Limit Building Height to 60 Feet

Someone must have forgotten to tell the developers of the proposed high-rise development. Friendswood Development Company’s Commercial Development Guidelines prohibit buildings taller than 60 feet in Kingwood. Romerica Investments, LLC hopes to build multiple 250 to 500 foot buildings. They would exceed the maximum building-height requirements by 4X to 8X.

Section 2-13: Building Height

Section 2-13 of the guidelines, states, “Building height within master planned residential communities is limited by the use and location in each community as provided for in the deed. When the site is immediately adjacent to single family resident construction, the maximum building height is limited to thirty-five (35) feet at a point twenty-five (25) feet back from the property line. The building height may increase from that point at a 1:1 ratio to a maximum height of sixty (60) feet.”

The proposed development would surround the Barrington. It would also face Deer Cove, Trailwood and Kingwood Lakes.

Map of the proposed high-rise development in relation to surrounding residential subdivisions.

The development fronts another single family residential structure, too – on the east.

Eagle’s nest on 16th hole of Kingwood Country Club’s Island Course.

Benefits of Master Planned Community

Like many people, I moved to a master-planned residential community to avoid the specter of a high-rise building in my back yard. Friendswood Development Company actively sold their deed restrictions and development guidelines as a defense against that.

When I built my building opposite Kingwood Park High School in the late 1990’s, I had to abide by these restrictions like everyone else.

Friendswood Development’s Commercial Development Guidelines, Page II-13

Romerica Investments, LLC markets their proposal as the KINGWOOD Marina Resort. Have the rules suddenly changed?

To download the complete Friendswood Development Company Commercial Guidelines, click here.

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Posted by Bob Rehak on 1/16/2019

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