Senator Creighton’s Update on Flood Mitigation Accomplishments to Date

We all have a tendency to focus on what we want to accomplish in the future. Sometimes, especially at the end of a year, it’s also good to take stock of what we have accomplished in the past. State Senator Brandon Creighton put together a newsletter that does just that. It provides a great summary of flood mitigation accomplishments affecting the Lake Houston area since Hurricane Harvey. They include:

  • Rescue operations during the flood
  • Donation drives for relief supplies
  • Passage of $89.3 billion disaster relief bill at Federal level
  • Public hearings to identify things that contributed to the disaster
  • Plea to See – tours of the disaster area by Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and Land Commissioner Bush
  • Appointment of Lake Houston area representatives to SJRA board
  • Lowering of Lake Conroe during peak of hurricane season to provide a buffer against flooding
  • Expansion of SJRA’s responsibilities to include flood prevention
  • Passage of Senate Bill 1047. It allows those affected by disaster to pay property taxes in quarterly installments.
  • Start of dredging
  • Installation of new SJRA and Harris County Flood Control District gauges
  • Institution of new policies re: SJRA warning notices
  • Approval of Harris County $2.5 billion flood bond
  • Request for reservoirs along Lake and Spring creeks to reduce inbound water during floods
  • Request for ten additional tainter gates at Lake Houston Dam to discharge water earlier and faster during floods.

One of two dredges on the San Jacinto that will eventually devour the sand bar that now dwarfs it. The sand bar blocks a major drainage ditch. The blockage contributed to the flooding of more than 650 homes.

Many people, including Senator Creighton, played major roles in these accomplishments. For a complete description of who is doing what, download Senator Creighton’s Hurricane Harvey Newsletter.

As we look back at our accomplishments, we should be proud. But we should also not forget that the major work lies ahead. Requesting gates and reservoirs, or even appropriating money for them, is not the same thing as building them. Having a meeting about the mouth bar is good, but not as good as removing it.

In summary, we’ve had a good year, but we can’t let up. The job isn’t done yet.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/29/2018

457 Days since Hurricane Harvey