Interactive Flood-Bond Map from KTRK Reveals Voting Patterns Throughout County

Want to know where all the support for the flood bond came from? Want to know where the highest turnouts were? Want to see where the largest percentages of NO votes came from? Instead of pouring over the canvass spreadsheets until your eyeballs bleed, now you can get it at a glance thanks to some amazing work by the good folks at ABC13, KTRK-TV. Click on the map below and you will be taken to their web site. There are two layers to this “heat map.” A heat map reveals geographic patterns in data.

  • First select the layer you want: you have a choice of two: No Votes or Voter Turnout.
  • The darker colors represent higher numbers.
  • See the legend by clicking on the arrow to the right of the layer name.
  • Then click on a precinct, any precinct. A box will pop up that reveals:
    • The total number of registered voters in the precinct
    • The number who voted
    • The percentage of turnout
    • The number who voted FOR
    • The number who voted AGAINST

It’s that simple!

Click on map to go to KTRK’s website where you can play with the interactive heat map

KTRK Interactive Heat Map showing voter turnout for Harris County Flood Bond Election. Click on map to view interactive version.

A shoutout to Keaton Fuchs, a KTRK producer who has been working on making this technology available to all of us.

Posted by Bob Rehak on September 6, 2018

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