Kingwood Precincts Deliver 5 of Top 8 Turnout Percentages County Wide for Flood Bond

Long-passive Kingwood voters have awoken and become a political force. The Harris County Clerk has posted the canvass for the recent flood bond election. It shows that Kingwood had five of the top eight precincts in Harris County as measured by the percentage of registered voters who turned out to vote.

Kingwood Voters Almost Triple County Average

Kingwood voters turned out at a rate of 16.97% compared to 6.69% for the county overall – almost triple the county average. Kingwood voters also exceeded the county average when it came to voting FOR the bond: 89.35% voted FOR in Kingwood compared to 85.34% FOR in all of Harris County.

On Closer Review, Kingwood Does Even Better

The turnout percentages are even stronger than they first appear. Of the three precincts that had higher turnout percentages (906, 281, 403), Precinct #906 had only 27 registered voters and nine voted (7 FOR, 2 Against) giving them the highest percentage of 33.33%. If you consider 906 a statistical anomaly, Kingwood precincts took five of the top seven places for turnout percentage.

Harris County Precincts with Greater than 20% Turnout in Flood Bond Referendum


Precinct 281 had a turnout of 27.13 percent and overwhelmingly voted for the bond (602 to 27). That’s a ratio of more than 22 to 1.

However, the precinct that voted most overwhelmingly for the bond in percentage terms was 361. Every single one of the 119 voters there voted FOR the bond; not one person voted against it.

Only one precinct in the entire county voted AGAINST the bond. Of the seven people who voted in Precinct 767, only 3 voted FOR and 4 voted against.

For More Information

Click here to view or download the entire Flood Bond Canvass.

Click here to download a complete Flood Bond AnalysisFloodBondAnalysis for all Humble, Kingwood, Huffman and Atascocita precincts in Microsoft Excel format.

What Does Canvass Show?

Two things become apparent when you cross-reference these numbers to a county precinct map. First, in Kingwood, people closer to the river voted in higher percentages than those who live farther from the river. Second, Kingwood precincts that did not flood turned out at higher rates than many other parts of the county that did flood.

This tells me that even after Harvey, Kingwood residents still feel fierce loyalty to their community. We know we live in one of the greatest communities in the country and we will fight to protect it. I trust the City, County and State will take away the same message from these numbers.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/5/2018

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