Saturday: Your Last Chance to Vote for the Flood Bond

There’s still one more chance to vote for the flood bond. This Saturday. At your regular polling place.

Low Turnout So Far

At the end of early voting, turnout for the flood bond was about 4% of registered voters. That’s dismal considering that virtually everyone in the county was affected by the Harvey flood. Less than one out of three people who lost vehicles in Harvey had come out to vote. Only 40 percent of who lost homes bothered to vote.

Here are all the rational reasons to vote for the flood bond. Among other things, you’ll be protecting your investment in your biggest investment. It will cost a lot less than flood insurance, and it will actually do something to reduce your flood risk.

And yet the turnout has been low. Perhaps “Fight Flooding,” the theme of the bond’s communication campaign, didn’t have much visceral impact. For those who forgot already what Harvey was like (if that’s possible), here are some alternative ads.


Vote and Get Your Friends and Neighbors to Vote

Please, everyone. Vote. You’ve spent a year cleaning up or helping your neighbors to clean up. Take a few minutes to vote. Walk around your block. Knock on doors and get neighbors to the polls. Only one thing is guaranteed, If this bond fails, our flood risk will remain high.

Posted August 25, 2018 by Bob Rehak

360 Days since Hurricane Harvey