If You Couldn’t Attend the Harris County Flood Bond Meeting…

The Flood Bond Meeting is over. There was quite a crowd. But many people were on vacation and couldn’t attend. For those of you who could not attend, you can still submit ideas for evaluation – from the beach, from the mountains, even your grandmother’s house. All is not sunk. This is very important. It will determine whether our area gets projects in the bond proposal that will address the root causes of flooding in the San Jacinto Watershed.

The street in front of Trimble’s home as she and her son were being rescued by boat. Avoid a scene like this again by requesting that dredging, detention and flood gates be included in the Harris County Flood Bond.

What to Request

Remember, the things that will help the greatest number of people in the Lake Houston Area are:

  • More upstream detention – to decrease input
  • More dredging – to increase throughput
  • More gates for Lake Houston – for faster output

By all means, if you have additional ideas, submit those too. There is no limit.

For more information, review this post.

When you submit ideas, remember to tell the County that you live in the San Jacinto River Watershed.

How to Request

You can submit ideas up until the start of early voting. But don’t wait. Do it right now so you don’t forget. Tell the County you want more detention, dredging and gates included in the flood bond program by:


Harris County Flood Control

ATTN: Bond Program Communications

9900 Northwest Freeway

Houston, Texas 77092





Whew! Glad That’s Done!

You’ll sleep better if you act now, knowing that you’ve done your civic duty … and actually focused our officials on things that will make a difference for the San Jacinto Watershed.

Posted 7/11/2018 by Bob Rehak

316 Days since Hurricane Harvey