How Deep was the Sand Deposited by Harvey at River Grove Park?

These two shots tell the story. Over the road between the boardwalk and playground, the sand was 3-4 feet. The picnic tables had 2 feet of sand over their tops! Workers estimate the average depth at the south end of the park was 4 to 5 feet!

The photo immediately below shows the One Way Sign near the boat area. The boat ramp is to the left and the road to the right. If you look at the sign you can see the sand is undisturbed under it and beyond it to the Boardwalk.
The cost to remove all this sand? $140,000 according to KSA president Dee Price.

The water in the foreground in the next shot is NOT the river; it is the outflow from the drainage ditch. A giant sand bar now entirely closes off the boat ramp. This shot was taken from the parking lot. The dune is an estimated 15 feet tall. Notice how you cannot see the river which is on the other side. You can only see the tree tops!